About The Fury


Mission Statement

The Cincinnati Fury is a premier select baseball organization that was formed in 2011 to help train boys to become men of integrity through the game of baseball. What makes the Fury unique is our dual commitment to character development and baseball skill in an exciting, competitive and faith-based environment. We believe that the primary avenue to achieve our goals is through high-level coaching. Our coaches are selected for their extensive baseball knowledge and experience guided by the coaching philosophy of our General Manager, Don Gullett Jr.

Our core values are:

  • Development of strong, smart and respectful baseball players through top-notch coaching.
  • Sportsmanship through respect of the game.
  • Positioning our players to make the most of their opportunities to move to the next level of their career (High School, College, Professional)

Whether you are coaching 8 year old players or high school age, you will be a very influential role model that your players have throughout the season as well as in the off-season. Players are going to look to you not only for guidance and instruction, but they will be watching and listening to how you act in every situation……EVERY SITUATION!

Don Gullett Jr.

General Manager, Cincinnati Fury

The first priority for every coach should be to keep the coaching as simple as possible. This does not mean that you should not challenge your players, it just simply means do not confuse or complicate your teaching.

The biggest benefit of the sport isn’t about winning or even playing time, it’s about personal development both as a teammate and an overall human being.